1st kid vs. 2nd kid

​1st: every comment someone makes you take personally 

2nd: you don’t care what people say

1st: watch them at all times to make sure they’re breathing
2nd: leave them sleeping peacefully in the other room

1st: time going out so you minimize possibility of breastfeeding in public
2nd: breastfeed anywhere without worrying what others think

1st: overstocked diaper bag
2nd: yah, I think I have enough diapers

1st: hold the baby all the time
2nd: put the baby down, let others hold him
(This one has a bit to do with their personalities though)

1st: carefully swaddle baby and put to sleep in the rock n play, pack n play, bassinet, etc.
2nd: forget swaddling and bedshare from day one

1st: worry about every cry
2nd: he’ll be okay, oh he needs to be burped

1st: get emotionally hung up on how baby is developing, growing, etc.
2nd: trust instincts, advocate better, less stressed

1st: record every pee, poop, and feeding
2nd: who has time for that?

1st: I’ll go pee, eat, etc. later
2nd: multi-task and/or be okay with baby crying for a minute while you take care of your needs

1st: take 5 million pictures, record every milestone, new place visited, etc.
2nd: take half as many pictures, remember later that it was the first time doing something

1st: take on full responsibility for caring for the child
2nd: let others help

1st: worry about every noise, rash, etc.
2nd: it’s all normal

1st: stress about jaundice levels
2nd: know that everything will be okay even if phototherapy is needed

1st: spend hours stuck on the couch with a breastfeeding/sleeping baby
2nd: walk around while breastfeeding…yay for multi-tasking

1st: make sure everyone washes their hands before holding/touching baby
2nd: okay, you look clean enough and like you aren’t sick


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