Gaining Confidence

It’s been a few months since I last blogged. I have been very busy with an increasingly active baby. She eats more, stays awake longer, and wants to play more.

I was reflecting on this whole parenting gig earlier and I realized some things. I am way more confident now. In the early days I was so lost. I knew a lot of information, but I didn’t know how that would translate into real life with MY baby. I also didn’t really know my baby yet. We had to get to know each other and figure each other out. We’re still doing that, but we understand each other a lot better now. In the early days I was so unwilling to let her cry for any reason. I always had to solve the problem and try to fix it. I still try to minimize her crying if I can, but it doesn’t stress me out anymore. For instance, I know that if she cries in the car, there is nothing wrong per se, she just wants to be back in my arms again. When she is trying a new skill she usually ends up crying a little and getting frustrated. I’ve learned to encourage her and let her cry a little before rescuing her.

I still have so much to learn. Sleep has been our biggest struggle. Baby girl seems to go in 6 week cycles. She likes things a certain way for 6 weeks and then she doesn’t like it anymore. We’ve gone from her sleeping in her rock n play, to sleeping in her crib or the pack n play, to only sleeping ON me, to sleeping next to me and in her crib or pack n play, and back to only sleeping on or next to me.

Our relationship is constantly changing and growing. Of course when I start to figure things out, she likes to change them again. But, that’s okay. I’m thankful that I have the flexibility to follow her lead. Being a Momma is hard, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.